Saturday, January 28, 2012

Young Immigrant

Margaret B. Waesche often quoted Charles S. Albert who, at the funeral of Metta H. Maud said, "He that stands on the other side of birth to send us here, stands also on the further side of death to receive us there ."
George Henry Waesche's was born in  Oedesse, Edemissen, Germany (near Peine) 24 Sep 1807, to John Henry Waesche and his second wife. George's mother died three years after he was born and Margeret B. nicknamed her, "Gretchen."
When George was born, he had one older brother, Frederick (from his father's first wife), who was in his 30s and living with his family in Baltimore Maryland. Little research has been done in German records for more information on George's heritage and his early life. This is a project that I look forward to do in the future. All we have recorded is that he went to school in Bremen and immigrated to Baltimore in 1821 to live with his brother. Margaret recorded he came across on the ship Clara under the lead of a Captain Parker. The shiplist has not yet been personally identified, but his naturalization record confirms the year of immigration. Still engrossed in youthful adventure, George couldn't bare to settle down for a few years after his arrival in the new world.

Waesche, 66
Index to Naturalization petitions to the US Circuit and District Courts for Maryland 
1797-1951. 21, M1168, Roll 17. National Archives,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Margaret's Life's Work

Before discussing George Henry's origins I'd like to acknowledge the guiding light of research done before me.
This is a photograph of Margaret B. Waesche, she was the granddaughter of George Henry. Margaret spent much of her life doing research, and in 1929, she began the work of, "assembling facts and genealogical data as were obtainable concerning my family as a memorial to the same." Her history was written with family in mind rather than "for public inspection," so its format is simple and easily navigable. Her work resulted in a 240 pg volume of histories entitled, History of the Waesche Family with a Compilation of Facts of the Belt, Waters, and Cassell Families. 
I have many memories of my mother reaching for the large, 3-ring binder copy of Margaret's book, and am grateful to now have a copy of my own. I hope my dear Aunt Margaret will be pleased with the work we've done in these later generations. One of my future goals is to create an index for this book and get the permissions to submit a bound and complete copy to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This will allow for many others to access her great work..

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am a Family History and Genealogy Major, at Brigham Young University. I began my own research and verification of existing research on the Waesche family in September of 2011. This blog will serve as en exercise in blogging about family historical research, as well as to inform other researchers, historians and storytellers.
This blog will begin officially by January 18th with weekly postings, and will comprise of compiled research done by myself and other family members about the George Henry Waesche family.  George Henry is my 4th Great-Grandfather from my Father's Maternal line. I had heard the family names and for years but had never known for certain the stories of the Waesche family. Now I'll bring the stories to you.