Thursday, March 8, 2012

To California!

April 23 1849, George Henry left the mills in charge the charge of his wife Catherine and general-overseer Noah Pennington. Listen to the podcast in the sidebar to hear the beginning of the story.
The shiplist and positions in the company were recorded in the New York Herald April 30, 1849. The list shows  George Waesche as president of the company and his son William Henry Waesche. It also shows two of George Henry's nephews, Dr. Frederick Maund who was the company's surgeon and
Repold C. Maund, as secretary and 26 others who were headed to claim their wealth in the hills of California.
Check out the whole list here.


  1. Nice post. I really liked the map and the link to the list.

  2. The map is great and I found the link to the passenger list was a good addition.