Friday, February 17, 2012

Land, Marriage, and the Beginnings of a Family

George Henry was a hard worker, 5'9", strong and well built, with fair blue eyes, and full of ambition. He studied with Mr. David Cassell for several years until he was ready to manage his own land. He and Catherine Cassell were married on the 27th of November 1828, in Frederick, Frederick County, Maryland. Around that same time, George Henry purchased the Wakefield Valley Farm; located near the town of Westminster, it was later called the John Smith Farm. His first purchase of land ushered in a series of land purchases and sales that occurred over the next fifteen years. Carroll county soon became well acquainted with the Waesche family. Here Catherine and George Henry's first son, George Washington Waesche, was born on 31 Oct 1829. Here's a picture of Catherine in her later years from Margaret's book.


  1. The sentence starting with "Catherine Cassell were married..." seems to be missing a piece of information. But otherwise, great job! Where did you find the information about George Henry's description?

  2. Thanks! His description came from the passport in the previous post.