Sunday, February 26, 2012

Double Pipe Creek Farm

In 1832, George Henry sold the Wakefield farm and bought a 585-600 acre spot of land, dubbed the Double Pipe Creek Farm. The land became extremely productive and benefited both the family and the community.
Here's a great article on the community of Double Pipe Creek. Some of the article, written in 1895, describes the area's history as follows:

The land on which the village now stands and the surrounding vicinity embracing about 600 acres called “Prosperity,” was in 1794 owned by Joshua Delaplane, in which year he founded a large grist mill with a capacity of 100 barrels of flour per day, on the Frederick side of the stream of Double Pipe Creek.  Joshua Delaplane was a manufacturer of some note in his day and carried on not only the grist mill, but a woolen mill, and a saw mill on the opposite side of the creek in Carroll county, with saw mill attached to said woolen mill.  The woolen mill still stands, but no looms have made music within its walls for these many years, (since 1849).

The said Joshua Delaplane in 1835 sold his mill properties and land in the vicinity to Henry Waesche, and from 1835 to 1847, no changes of any consequence occurred.  In 1849 Henry Waesche sold the milling properties to Henry McKinstry, and a few years later the land was purchased by Elder Daniel P. Sayler.  Waesche, during the “Gold Fever” of 1849, in company with William Waesche, John Landers, Frederick Miller, and many Baltimoreans, started to California in search of gold.


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